My current work addresses themes of grief, nostalgia and loss by personifying and humanising my coping mechanisms, which is the comfort found in food. The recent death of my dad has pushed me to make artwork that confronts my grief whilst also acting as a therapeutic release hopefully with a humorous result because of the marriage of the absurd and the mundane. I like to use naïve, playful materials that remind me of my childhood, a time of vulnerability and comfort, by recreating specific foods that my dad would have cooked for me as a child, I am taking on my grief through childhood memories and remembering him.


 I have a deep, complicated relationship with food, it gives me joy but also sadness and shame, the comfort eating I partake in to ‘cure’ my grief also brings guilt due to the pressures of diet culture. By enlarging the food, I attempt to comment on how overwhelming my circumstances can be but by placing them in comfortable, relatable positions I want to juxtapose the relationship I have with food, so I can ultimately be in control of my feelings by protecting what protects me.