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Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow

May 2022

Cosy Crumbs on Tour was Geraldine's first solo exhibition after being asked to show in Six Foot Gallery's 'Best of Degree Show' show. She displayed paintings, sculptures and photography from her last project at art school, 'Cosy Crumbs'. This work embodies the grief she has experienced through the loss of her dad and the way she has dealt with that through comfort eating. To help cope with feelings of loss and sadness she started by making large scale sculptures of the foods she would eat as a child, often food her dad would have made for her that have now become characters that are prevalent in her life, that she protects through placing them in comfortable, vulnerable environments. Through doing this she comforts and protects the thing that protects her from her grief, whilst also creating humour to hide her sadness, through the absurdity of food in places it wouldn’t normally be. She expanded on where the characters are situated for this exhibition  by taking them outside of the home and gallery setting, which signifies a shift in how she now copes with these issues, that it is now not so encompassing and that she is starting to heal. These ‘characters’ have also started to mimic herself and people in her life, which is a celebration of those people and the journey since the passing of her dad.

Family (2022)
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