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The Briggait & The Wash House, Glasgow

May 2021

The SEA Alternative Degree Show was a student led degree show, curated by students of GSA and for the students of GSA when a physical degree show was not provided by GSA during coronavirus restrictions in 2021. The alternative degree show included all fine art disciplines and was split into each discipline to exhibit at different times to keep numbers down in each venue at one time to adhere to coronavirus restrictions. Sculpture & Environmental Art were the first discipline to exhibit. 

Geraldine McConachie exhibited 4 sculptural installations in total, 2 at The Briggait and 2 at The Wash House. Each installation was a part of her last project at GSA 'Cosy Crumbs'. This project focused on comfort eating, grief and the (sometimes toxic ) relationship she has with food. 

Girls Day Out (2021)
Girls Day Out (2021) The Briggait, Glasgow
Slice Up Your Life (2021)
Slice Up Your Life (2021) The Briggait, Glasgow
It's Been a Waffle Day (2021)
Relief (2021)
It's Been A Waffle Day (2021) The Wash House, Glasgow              Relief (2021) The Wash House, Glasgow
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