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Barnes Building, Glasgow

March 2019

Carving (2019)
'Seaing Is Believing' was a group exhibition for 2nd year sculpture in 2019. Geraldine performed her artwork 'Carving' where she carved into a cast of her stomach made from chocolate for the duration of the exhibition opening time, which was 2.5 hours.

The red gingham used was to symbolise a 'picnic' setting. Her body was and is constantly evolving and the carving was to symbolise her need to 'slim' and demolish the body she had, this was also a critque on diet culture and the constant baratement from media sources urging people, especially women, to change their bodies. Something that Geraldine has struggled navigating her whole life. She comes from a place of uncertainty towards her body. She preaches self love to others but struggles to take it on herself and this carving was a symbol of that. 

As she carved the body away she ate the chocolate that remained.

Carving (2019)
Carving (2019)
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