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Carving, 2019
This project was inspired by Janine Antoni's work 'Gnaw' which is large blocks of chocolate lard, Antoni used her mouth as a tool to carve down each cube. Geraldine cast her own stomach in chocolate and carved it down with tools such as chisels, hammers and a mallet during a 2.5 hour performance at Seaing Is Believing group exhibition in 2019. Geraldine was inspired to do this by her own body image issues, where she constantly wanted to change her body, 'carve' it down to an ideal shape. She used chocolate as it is one of her 'problem' foods that she felt she needed to avoid to get her 'ideal' body, this work helped her realise that she didn't need to change. 

throughout this project she experiemented with text work, using the chocolate to create text work and used the red gingham as a recurring theme throughout to paint and write on. The red gingham was used to symbolise a picnic setting, a feast of the chocolate body and a traditional 1950's type household. 
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