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Family, 2019
This project surrounds themes of family, birth and connection. Geraldine wanted to capture her family in sculptural portraits, specifically her family members belly buttons. The buttons were cast with mod rock and she photographed each family members stomach too. Family is extremely important to Geraldine, she wanted to capture her family's bond through the belly button as it is where we are originally connected to our mothers in birth and in growth.

She cast her own stomach in brass, and experimented with fabrics. 

After each belly button was cast with mod rock she uses the cast as a mould and pressed air dry clay into the mould to create ceramic belly buttons and painted them to resemble the belly button they were cast from. 

As she was also experimenting with fabric at the same time she created a fabric placenta and umbilical cord that was displayed in between each belly button to join them to each other. 

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