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Filling The Void, 2020
Filling The Void was Geraldine's last project of third year at art school. The collection of work was shown at SEA In The Contracted Field as a group exhibition with the rest of her class, she chose to use the dining table in Overtoun House, Dumbarton. Hear what Geraldine has to say about this project below. 

"This project is about comfort eating and its relation to grief, in specific, the grief experience within the loss of my dad. I often use these comfort foods to fill a void and to cope with sadness, through remaking the foods my dad would have made for me and my sister I feel I am comforting myself through this process, especially as I have documented this process through photography within the same environment and context, he would have given us these foods in, I do often associate comfort eating with over eating and therefore guilt but through this project, I am hoping to battle those feelings, helping to eradicate my toxic relationship with food.

The different settings in which food is consumed is important to me. I have great memories of my dad taking me and sister for a McDonalds before visiting our grandparents, or him letting me eating jelly  sitting on the floor mashed up with whipped cream in a bowl just because that's how I liked it. The everyday routine of dinner as four around our dining table and pizza with my sister infront of the tv watching The Simpsons when my mum was out. The childhood freezer dinners, or him shouting up the stairs to me if I wanted roasted cheese and beans. "
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