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Sand-wich, 2018
Sand-wich (2018)
This artwork is a part of the 'Dysfunctional Dinner Table' series. Sand-wich is a video piece that Geraldine created when in Milport on an art school trip where the students were tasked to make an artwork to exhibit at the end of the trip. Geraldine was focused on her own uncomfortability and sadness at the time with the recent loss of her dad, which she used to channel in to making artwork. This artwork was based on the dysfunctional dinner table that her family experienced after the loss of her dad, as they would all eat dinner together every night. In the video Geraldine makes a sandwich on the beach as normal then adds sand to it, eats it and then spits it out. She used her own uncomfortability of eating sand in a sandwich to create humour but also an unpleasant feeling for the viewer and herself to convey. Using humour and playfulness in her work has became a running theme since.
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