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Insecurity Blanket a3_edited.jpg
Insecurity, 2017
This installation work focused on body image, body modification and insecurities faced as a result from societal body expectations and toxic diet culture. Geraldine filled the space with an 'Insecurity Blanket'; a blanket made from fabric of different flesh colours and pink with strecthmark- like detailing on each square. She made this to celebrate an insecurity of hers and to show that they shouldn't be hidden.She made the installation resemble a bedroom, using pink to bring a nostalgic element to the work, showing that body image issues have been with her from a young age. The dressing table was adorned with pink magazine articles, articles that focused on calorie counting and shaming those who have gained weight or don't look 'perfect' in a bikini, berating some who have plastic surgery and shaming some who do - a total contradiction.

The mirrors in the room read:

"Mirrors are just glass, you are more than that",

"Embrace your imperfections" etc

Affirmations for the viewer.One mirror featured a naked body print of Geraldine, in an attempt to embrace her own body - to follow her own advice.

Lastly a video played of burning barbies, showing Geraldine 'modifying' them with metal tongs, thus destroying the Barbies as they once were. The intention of this was to show the dangers of body modification - but now she sees how this could come across as mocking this who do modify their bodies which was not her original intention. The standards people are held to nowadays where everything must be perfect is dangerous and toxic, especially for women and girls. The ever changing 'ideal' is unachievable for the everyday person and Geraldine believes that body modification is acceptable as long as it is for yourself and not to please or appease others.
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