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Cosy Crumbs, 2020-2022 
Cosy crumbs is a collection of work that was been made from 2020 - 2022 and shown in several exhibitions. Cosy crumbs was Geraldine's degree show project and it has expanded and grown since Geraldine graduated. Some of the work was shown in Geraldine's first solo show in 2022. Cosy crumbs features photography, painting, installation and sculpture. Hear what Geraldine has to say about this project below:

"Nostalgia, food, and childhood are central themes to this project. This work embodies the grief I have experienced through the loss of my dad and the way I have dealt with that through comfort eating. To help me cope with my feelings of loss and sadness I started by making large scale sculptures of the foods I would eat as a child, often food my dad would have made me that have now become characters that are prevalent in my life, that I protect through placing them in comfortable, vulnerable environments. Through doing this I am comforting and protecting the thing that protects me from my grief, whilst also creating humour to hide my sadness, through the absurdity of food in places it wouldn’t normally be. 

The materials I used are important to me as they remind me of a time of innocence, naivety, and play. My intention is to capture small snippets of life in sculptural installation and through the lens of a camera to act as a celebration of the ordinary, everyday life, an insight into grief and the use of food to combat and comfort that. The relationship I have with food can be dictated by the toxicity of diet culture, but through making this work my aims are to act as a therapeutic release from the loss of my dad and food and body shame.

I expanded on where the characters are situated by taking them outside of the home and gallery setting, which I think has signifies a shift in how I now cope with these issues, that it is now not so encompassing and that I am starting to heal. These ‘characters’ have also started to mimic myself and people in my life, which I see as a celebration of those people and how far I have come since the beginning of these 4 yearlong projects."
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